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Other Projects

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Michelle's Projects


A double bladed battle axe harness, took me about a week.



Some leather gloves I dolled up, took a day. You can also see the top part of one of the belts I did beside them.


A double bladed axe holdster for my smaller axe, took 3 or 4 days. Next to it is the 2nd belt I did, you can see part of it. Both belts took me about 2 weeks to do them both. One belt needs to be refinished do to use.


My shield I built, it took me 3 weeks, plywood underside w/ steel face. leather hand grips and purple satin covered pad on the top. The edging is done in heavy shaped aluminum that you would find at home depot or lowes. I painted and stained the wood to give it strength and weatherproofing. I also painted the family crest (yes that is my crest, dads side) and gold painted the edging also w/ rust oleum paint.



More coming soon! 

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