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Finished Projects

Finished Projects
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On this page we will list all of the finished projects we have done . Please check in often because we will frequently update the project pages with new items.
Click on the picture to get the full size in another window.

Gown #1
Two tone gown made with light blue and royal blue satin. The Bead and stone work is done with real stones. This gown took 3 months  from start to finish.



Gown # 2
This gown is done in two tone green, forest green velvet and light green tapestry. The pearls on the gown are real, and there is several hundred of them. Took two months rushed to do.




Gown #3 



This gown is done in black and gold, its a repair gown that I had gotten and didnt fit right. the black and gold brocade  is accented with gold underside on the sleaves. The front and arms of the gown is done in a light material. The beadwork I done and will finish later. I did this one while working on the green gown.


My Leather Projects

Some of my leather projects I did for my suit of armor.
The shield is made of steel and wood.


I finally finished the throwing axe sheaths. seen above.


Finally finished the leather belt buckle (attached to one of my belts I made), I also did a tankard/mug holder, and finished the throwing axe frog out of some heavy scrap leather I had.


The boots I bought, but took awhile to shine, I actually broke a sweat, I used the old kiwi shoe polish in the metal can w/ a shoe brush and soft cloth. the last run I sprinkled water to get the high shine. I used to watch dad shine his shoes, so i had a good teacher.

More Soon!




Cape for Blue gown

This cape goes with the two tone blue gown, it took about a month on it.
The stonework took the longest.
It's made with purple satin top layer and purple silk bottom, the fur is white and has stones sewn all through it.









Misc. Projects I've Done

The fans are made of real ostrich and peacock feathers, took a few days to do. The hats took about a week, the stonework is done mostly with pearls, and is coverd in either satin, or velvet with sheer hair sack.
The umbrella is done in green velvet to match the two tone green gown, took a few days. The Goblet I did took a few days, done to match the green gown, but will work with any of them. It also took me a day to do the beaded belts you see above.



Renaissance Doublets

I made these for hubby for a fair, took a few months to make.
the green is done in tapestry and black in done in butter suade.



A close up shot to see the closer detail of the settings, showing the large topaz stone in its setting.



Jewelry Work I've done

I do the stone setting myself, the Chain of Office took me nearly a week. the smaller pieces took about a day. The stones in the necklace are ruby, topaz, bloodstone, moonstone, amethist, hematite, and the blue stones i cant remember.
The smaller pieces are tigers eye and rough topaz. All the stones are smoothed to be cabocones.
The picture above is the amethist cabocones finally set into their cape pins, took me a few hours on one of my late nights of quiet work.


New for 2010 Season!

The mask above is for the renaissance masked ball. it took me one evening to do it.


The parasol took me a few days. its done in red penne velvet, purple lace, gold rebbon and small gems. the flowers are artificial.


This golbet i was able to do in a day. its the 2nd one i've done.


This hood took 3 days to do, its red velvet with real pearls and metalic trim. the vieil is done in gold silklike material.


This one took 3 days, and is done in black velvet with pearls and gold metal parts. it has metalic trim, a satin veil and black lace at the bottom.


This is the 3rd fan i've done, took 3 days, done in peacock and ostrich feathers with wooden handle which i done and has a mirror on the other side. i also did the gold metal chain at the bottom.


This gold metalic rope belt took a day to do. the bottom piece i picked up at hobby lobby as a clearance item.


here is a closeup of the bottom piece. it was simple to attack to the belt by making a loop.

Remember: Click on the pictures to get the full size in another window.


The new fan i did it in 3 days.


These extension belts took 1 day..


Heres the new gown, took 17 days to do it. done in a red/gold diamond pattern and gold/red diamond pattern. Material is a heavy upholstery, light gold brocade underskirt, gold metalic trim and plenty of pearls and stones.


detail of the lower sleeves. done in a light weight gold brocade and purple buttons, and gold trim. the edge of the cuff is done in a red, gold trim also.


close up of the front top part of the cloak. the cloak to 15 days to do.


close up of the stone work.. the carved flowers are yellow topaz, ruby, and blue sapphire. the stones hanging down are yellow jade, citrine, garnet, amethist, pearls, gold stone, lapiz lazuli, red jade, and coral.

Remember to click the image to see it better..



Cape for green gown

Took about a few months because of stonework and getting the fur to lay right. The outer part is green velvet, inner lining is white satin, brown bear fur trim.




Cloak for gold and Black gown

Took about a month, more stones will be added in the future.
The black outer part is made of Black Butter Suede, and black fur. the inside is done in gold satin.




Paded shirt and pants I made for my armor
and Cape

Took a few weeks on each set.  I also did a velvet /satin cape w/ gold metalic edging, which took me a few days to do.





Purses I've done for the gowns
My armor bag

Each one took about 3 or 4 days, I cant drop them or the softer stones break.
The green is done in light brocade, the blue is done in satin, and black in the butter suede. The armor bag I done from scratch and works nicely, made of blue brocade, with a soft inner lining and inner waterproof cloth, the front flap is leather w/ small gems.




My Armor

After nearly 3 weeks I got the customization done, the armor construction was done by another person, the edging and gems is my doing. I also redyed the knees, elbows, and tree crest to a lighter blue.


native american gown done in the traditional design. the beads and shells are real. took 2 weeks to do.



Native american cloak, done in the same beads and stones, took a few weeks.



More Projects

The white/silver gown and cloak above took about a month, both are done in satin.


My new purse for the new outfit i'm doing, took a few days to do as well. made out of a gold brocade, black trim & bow, with mother of pearl barrel pearls on it.


New 2010 Continued

The new shoes i did with metalic cross stitch thread and pearls. Took a few days to do them.


There is two sets shown here, both sets took a day each. its amethyst stones set into broach settings.


Heres the back of the new gown.


closer detail of the front top of the gown, done in pearls and lapis lazuli. the 36 gold setting/lapis lazuli took 2 days to do. because each stone had to be set into their settings before they could be sewn on.


Closer detail onthe front of the skirt, done in the larger gold settings w/ larger lapis lazuli, and pearls, into carved pearl hearts.


the front of the cloak..the cloak itself is made from red penne velvet, with the inner lining of dark blue satin. the fur is faux (fake) mink. I did the black tails myself.. so the fur edging is ermine. which is the mink white and black. the stout (where mink comes from) is an endangered animal... so its hard to even get real mink.


back of the cloak

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